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Explorer Yachts NEWS!

What's Happening in the World of Explorer Yachts?

Find below links to Explorer Yacht News stories and articles on this site. Send your expedition yacht news contributions to John to appear on this page.   Email John

Senshu Maru Sold
Senshu Maru Sold
Senshu Maru Sold to FINS ATTACHED
All Ocean Yachts is proud to announce the sale of Senshu Maru the 133' (40.82 M) Explorer Yacht to FINS ATTACHED.
Click for More Sale of Senshu Maru News

Monaco Yacht Show
Selene Yachts Report
Selene Yachts Report
John visited the two yards that build Selene Yachts in China. Here is his report.
Click for Selene Yachts Report

Wordpress Blog
Delta Marine Market
Lets talk Delta Marine and what is on the Market
There are 12 Delta Marine Yachts on the market. They range in size from 156 (47.5m) to 70 (21m) and age from 2009 to 1985...
On the AOY Blog.
Click for More Lets talk Delta Marine and what is on the Market

Wordpress Blog
What Are Expedition/Explorer Yachts?
What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht?
The first question I often get when speaking or writing about EXPLORER or EXPEDITION YACHTS is, What Are They? An EXPLORER Yacht is a purpose built or converted vessel...
Click for More What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht?

Wordpress Blog
AOY Wordpress Blog
All Ocean Yachts BLOG
All Ocean Yachts now has a BLOG page! If you want to stay up on the latest news and participate in discussions or suggest discussions please check it out.
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Boat International Magazine
Explorer Yachts Growth
New Destinations Drives Explorer Yachts Growth
Boat International Magazine has a great article on Expedition Yachts for owners' new destinations contributing to new explorer yachts being built.
More Surge in Explorer Yachts

Palm Beach Boat Show 2017
Palm Beach Boat Show
2017 Palm Beach Boat Show
The 32nd Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show was March 23rd to the 26th, 2017.
Click for More 2017 Palm Beach Boat Show News

Yachts Miami Beach Show
Yachts Miami Beach
2017 Yachts Miami Beach Show
All of the All Ocean Yacht team was at the show and ready to assist you and seeing Expedition Yachts and any other yachts you maybe interested in at the show.
More Yachts Miami Beach Show

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
Fort Lauderdale
Boat Show
2016 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
All Ocean Yachts was at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Nov. 3 through Nov. 7, 2016. AOY showed the ABD Aluminium 90 Expedition Yacht "Rosa" at the Pier 66 venue, slip C317 for the Boat Show.
Click for 2016 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show info

Monaco Yacht Show
Monaco Yacht Show
2016 Monaco Yacht Show
The Monaco Yacht Show is coming up soon, September 28 through October 1, 2016 and All Ocean Yachts will be there.
Click for 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

Expedition Submarines
Expedition Submarines
At the Monaco Yacht Show: More Scientific and Personal Submarines than Ever Before
I'm especially excited about this week's Monaco Yacht Show because it's going to be the best year yet for scientific and personal submarines. More subs will be on display than ever in the Monaco Yacht Show's history.
More Scientific and Personal Submarines

AOY-Bray 132 Expedition Design
AOY-Bray 132 Expedition Design
New AOY-Bray 132 Expedition Design
All Ocean Yacht is pleased to announce the design release of its latest Explorer Yacht, the All Ocean 133' (40.5) Bray Design, AH (All Hemispheres) OCEAN ROVER Explorer Yacht. Bray Yacht design utilized their awarding winning
AOY-Bray 132 Expedition Design

What Are Discovery Yachts
MOAS/Phoenix Rescue
MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) from Phoenix Sale
All Ocean Yachts sold the M/V Phoenix which has been refitted as a rescue vessel to assist migrants in the Mediteranean Sea...
More MOAS information

What Are Discovery Yachts
What Are Discovery Yachts
What Are Discovery Yachts?
A new term has been creeping into the yachting vernacular as of late. You may have seen the term Discovery Yacht in yachting magazines and publications and wondered...
What Are Discovery Yachts

Miss Lisa Sold
Miss Lisa SOLD!
SOLD- 92 Citadel Yachts "Miss Lisa" Sold
2010 Citadel Explorer Yacht was owner represented by John DeCaro, president of All Ocean Yachts in this successful sale.
Miss Lisa Sale

New Listing
New Listing 100 Stephens
New Listing- 100 Stephens "Bravo" for Sale
This alumnium built explorer yacht features a tri-deck layout with easy access to the water aft and a skylounge above. "Bravo" has an 8 foot draft for excellent sea-keeping abilities and is U.S. flagged... 100 Stephens Listing

Fortaleza Sold
95 Inace Yachts
95 Inace Yachts "IMPETUS"
New Movie of Impetus.

Click for More- Inace 95 IMPETUS Movie

Palm Beach Boat Show 2015
Palm Beach Boat Show
2016 Palm Beach Boat Show
The 31 Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show was March 17th to 20th, 2016. The show has been expanding over the years and has grown into a very nice collection of yachts.
Click for More 2016 Palm Beach Boat Show News

Triton Submarine Demo Dives
Demo Sub Dives
During Boat Show
Demonstration Sub Dives During Boat Show
Steve Reoch of All Ocean Yachts Steve is offering the oppportunity for demonstration submarine dives on the Triton 1000/2 during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Nov 5th to 9th.
Click for Demonstration Sub Dives info

Yachts Miami Beach Show
Yachts Miami Beach
2016 Yachts Miami Beach Show
There has been some confusion this year regarding the Miami Yacht and Brokerage show and it's location. The show is still located in the same place on Collins Ave. It has just been renamed the "Yachts Miami Beach".
More Yachts Miami Beach Show

Hurricane Forcasting Updates
Hurricane Season Outlook
Hurricane and Tropical Storm Outlook 2015
See the latest developments in the Atlantic hurricane and tropical storm outlook, storm surge maps and other news.
Click for More Hurricane Season Outlook info

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New All Ocean Yachts 90All Ocean Yachts 90 Fiberglass
New for delivery in 2017 is the All Ocean Yachts 90 in fiberglass. This new line of expedition yachts is to be built in China. More Here
Click for MoreLuiz Debasto 250' Explorer Yacht
Preliminary concept design from Luiz Debasto of a 250' (75m) Expedition Yacht design is available. More Here